About Inkwell Strategies

Inkwell Strategies is a professional speechwriting and strategic communications company based in Washington, DC.  We specialize in executive communications and thought leadership.  We are experts at producing written content that not only sounds good, but positions our clients as authorities and agenda-setters in their fields. While our office is in Washington, DC, we work with government, business and non-profit clients across America and internationally.

Inkwell Strategies was founded by nationally-recognized executive communications specialist David Meadvin.  David has advised and written for executives and officials at the highest levels of American government and business.

As former chief speechwriter for the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Senate Majority Leader, he has extensive experience writing creative, message-driven speeches, op-eds, policy papers, strategic plans and other content.  As a senior member of the U.S. Senate leadership’s communications staff, David played a central role in crafting the national message and was the primary author of the Senate’s Weekly Radio Address.  David has also served as a writer and strategist for a number of senior corporate leaders.  In the corporate sector, he is known for developing thought leadership strategies that position executives at the forefront of the national dialogue.

In 2011, David was profiled as one of the Washington Business Journal’s “40 Under 40″ and nominated for Washington, DC Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Hayley, and their yellow lab, Piper.

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