What We Do

In a 24/7 news cycle that moves at the speed of Twitter, it’s never been more important to develop the right message and convey it with clear, powerful words. Inkwell Strategies employs a research-driven approach that identifies the audience and builds narratives that move people to take action.

We are experts at developing strategic communications products that position our clients as thought leaders and agenda-setters in their fields. Our team of communicators has worked at the highest levels of U.S. government and political system, producing some of America’s most notable speeches of recent years. Beyond the written word, we have senior-level expertise devising strategic communications plans that set the tone of the national dialogue.

Executive Speechwriting

Nice words and clever phrases aren’t enough. We write speeches that not only sound good, but make an impact. Our goal in every speech is to open minds and change the way people think and talk about an issue. Whether you are in the political, corporate or non-profit sector, we can help you develop and deliver a game-changing speech.

Thought Leadership

Becoming a recognized contributor to the conversation about your issue or industry doesn’t happen overnight. Inkwell Strategies devises disciplined, long-term plans that position our corporate and political clients become trusted thinkers and recognized leaders in their fields.

Message and Policy Development

A good speech is only part of a larger communications strategy. Inkwell Strategies develops communications plans that make an impact in a variety of contexts – spoken word as well as earned media and the internet. We also help companies and organizations produce clear, message-driven policy papers and web content to bridge the gap between research and communications — all in language that consumers and constituents can connect with.

Contact us today to discuss how Inkwell Strategies can meet your speechwriting and strategic communications needs.

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